Yezdr (Pronounced Ez-der)

The land of Yezdr is not quite a country, but a collection of like minded kingdoms and city-states, led mostly by Yezdre, occupying an large area of land on the border of the Kingdom of Marhane and the lands of the Kith Kobar on the north-western shores of Ki’shon.

The People:
The Yezdre, the people of Yezdr, are a diverse people, populated mostly by humans and demi-humans, the true Yezdre, or Yezdrani, make up less then thirty percent of the total population of the region. The bulk of the populace consist of a mingling of most human races of Irallis and a smattering of random demi-humans, including, in some countries, giant-kin.
The Yezdrani stand apart from most demi-humans due to their slight draconic heritage. The Yezdrani have shaded skin, from browns to gold to red and even green, with fine scales which run along the side of the face, along the hair line, down to their feet. These fine scales branch off and spread around the back of the shoulders and again at the hips. Yezdrani hair comes in a wide range of colors as well, including reds, greens, blues and metalic hues. Yezdrani stand between 5ft 9in and 7ft, with long slender finely scaled tails and and one or more pairs of horns upon their heads.






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