The Vandi (or Van’shay) are decendants of the La’shay whom they claim to be their ancestors. The Vandi are the most abundant of the shay, though roughly three quarters of their numbers live in various parts of the world in small communities of kingdoms. The Vandi are what most of the people of Irallis would refer to as Elves, or wood elves to differ them from the other types.
[Note: When people think of elves in Irallis, the Vandi, or wood elf, is what they think of. The E’shay, high elf, is what they think of when they imagine the noble class. Though this is very incorrect, most common folk have this in their minds since Vandi are the most common type to see and most peasenty can relate to their modest dress and manor, but they see the pagentry of the rarely traveling E’shay as akin to their own noble classes.]

Thousands of years ago, the E’shay settled and explored Irallis, and over thousands of years, the kingdoms became the races of the shay. The Vandi kingdoms were plentiful and many existed on Narrana and Ki’shon.
The Second Dragon War:
Durring the second dragon war, the Vandi returned to Vishal, beleiving they were guided by their ancestors. Like the other shay, the Vandi settled on Vishal to defend it against the human interlopers. The Vandi took the territory north of the E’shay, who had lived there since the first days of the shay.
When the war ended and Braxxus was destroyed, the Vandi returned to their homes on Narrana and Ki’shon, many only to return after finding nothing left for them. The forests of eastern Vishal became the largest kingdom of Vandi in the world, and in time they became close allies with the Wolven who occupied a small city state against the ??? mountains.

The Giant War:
Like the Draori and the E’shay, the Vandi were attacked early in the war, their border being the mountains the giants inhabited. The Vandi did, for most of the war, hold the giants at the mountain border, though often the lines shifted into their territory. As the war raged, the Vandi slowly weakened, and though they were bolstered by the Wolven’s small army and the E’shay, the Vandi slowly began to loose their land to the Kin. In 1963, fifteen years into their struggle, with their western lands in the grip of the Kin and their towns and villages under constant attack by Kin raiders, the Vandi found a new ally. An Elmerian by the name of Verrin offered military aid to the Vandi, and by 1964 had four Elmerian battalions on the Vandi combat front. With the aid of the Elmerians and the continuing aid of the Wolven, the Vandi were finaly able to secure their lands and begin pushing the Kin back towards the mountains.
With the death of Braxxus, the Vandi alliance army was able to defeat the armies of the Giant Kin by 1970. After the last of the armies were defeated, the Vandi began fighting a war against the raiders who had become addept at hiding in their lands and attacking their people.

Even thirty years after the end of the war, the Vandi still strive to clear their land of the raiders, who have grown more and more resoursful over the three decades of gurilla fighting. With the recent abandanment of the Yoshin Kingdom, the Vandi now have two lengthy borders which they must constantly protect against threat of Kin incursion. A company of Elmerian Soldiers still assists the Vandi army in hunting raiders as well as protecting the borders.


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