(For a full story on the country of Roshinka’s Independence, check the Ioshin page)

The young republic of Roshinka, is a group of former Ioshin provinces which won their freedom in the year 4536Vn. Since then, the former provinces have formed a council to act as the governing body of Roshinka, giving all provinces equal representation.

In most ways Roshinka still seems like Ioshin, though changes are constantly happening and one of the largest changes has already happened. As one of it’s first resolutions, the council abolished the class system, which made all people equal in all things (still separated by money of course).

With the loss of Ioshin, Roshinka quickly dove into poverty, now having to find trade and commerce options they did not have before their independence, and with the loss of most of their ships as part of the treaty, transport was difficult. Overland trade with Terrac and the High Elves became their only trade, and while this lifted them from poverty Roshinka remained a poor country. Roshinka’s finally push to increase the standards of living also made them disliked among many of their neighbors, slave trading became legal within Roshinka. Bound, where slavery had been common for hundreds of years, became Roshinka’s largest customer.

While Roshinka is still a poor nation, they have vastly improved since their independence and are continuing to grow with the influx of trade from Bound and most recently from Pastoria, who have laxed slavery laws. In addition to slaves, lumber, rice and Roshinka firearms have become large exports.


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