Located between the Horse Clans and Pastoria on the east coast of Vishal, the Quiet Kingdom is a dark and cursed land.

The story of the Quiet Kingdom, Târgu Mureş in ancient times began around 1100BVn. One of the greatest kingdoms of man of the era, Târgu Mureş was a becon of Humanities power. War was inevitable, a war which threatened to destroy Târgu Mureş and all the kingdoms of men. After many generations of absence, the Dark lord Braxxus returned to curse the world. Grand magus Patholic was summoned to an ancient hold in Ivral where he and four others were granted title by the gods and became the Champions. As a champion, Patholic reluctantly left his homeland and traveled with his companions across the world in search of weapons crafted at the birth of Irallis so that they could defeat Braxxus.

After years of searching, the champions finaly collected the last of the elemental weapons, Primal, which was to be Patholic’s burden. As they began preparing to face Braxxus, the dark god secretly cursed the Târg, a deadly plague which was incurable. Seeking revenge, not just for his people but for the world, Patholic and the champions faced the Dark god and eventualy defeated him.

When the fighting ceased, Patholic returned home to Târgu Mureş to find the dark plague slowly killing all who inhabited his homeland. Using his not insubstantial Arcane power, dangerously combined with his primal abilities, Patholic cast a spell to save his people from death. In an Ironic twist, Patholic succeeded in stoping the deaths of his people, though the state of undying became a curse anew. Slowly the plague killed all in Târgu Mureş without mercy, but once dead, the Târgu people failed to actualy die, Patholic among them. With the loss of his life, the primal abilities Patholic commanded were lost, along with any hope of fixing his peoples undying condition.

For hundreds of years Târgu Mureş was in turmoil, people driven to the brink of madness, trapped between life and death. Some made plays for power, some attempted to leave the world, and still others fell back to the rutines of life to escape madness, Patholic vanished. Eventualy the people who retained their sanity realized what while they weren’t alive, they could still live, they now had eternity to ply their trades and enjoy their undeath. Tyrant kings came and went for hundreds of years, guiding the Târg to make war uppon their neighboring nations.

In 452BVn Patholic returned to Târgu Mureş having spent the prior few hundred years searching the world for the means to fix the condition of his people. Patholic was shocked to find a tyrant sitting the Târgu throne, using the condition of the Târg to wage ruthless war uppon Northern Vishal. Outraged, Patholic put an end to the Tyrant kings, binding their deathless bodies in eternal prison under his castle, and took the throne of Târgu Mureş. Patholic quickly gained support among those who had regained their sanity in his time away, he stopped the wars and declaired that Târgu Mureş shall be a Quiet Kingdom from then on.

The Giant War:

Durring the giant war, Târgu Mureş remained the Quiet Kingdom, only responding to attacks by giant-kin and not pursuing war as had become their way. Though quiet through the war, there are stories that the Quiet Kingdom defeated the greatest northern army of Kin. The Truth of the story is that Y’Gron, the leader of northern forces, retreated his army into the Quiet Kingdom when the Tagard alliance defeated his generals armies and came for him. Y’Gron intended to rally within the Quiet Kingdom’s land seeing as they would not attack unless his soldiers attacked it’s citizans. While Y’Gron rallied his troops for an attack, the entire Tagard Federation forces arrived at Târgu Mureş borders. Patholic was informed by his Crimson Guard of the situation, that the Federation was going to attack because they beleived Patholic was allying with Y’Gron.

At dawn on the day the Tagard forces were to attack Târgu Mureş, a contingent of Crimson Guard approched the command tent and offered the leader of the federation the head of warlord Y’Gron, stating that they would not ally with either the Kin or the humans. What happened the night before remains as quiet as Târgu Mureş.


Though there has been some small trade with Pastoria on their northern border, Târgu Mureş has remained as Patholic deamed, Quiet.


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