“Lost” Gods: These are gods who have small cult followings, but are true gods.

Name Domains Align Favored Weapon Portfolios
Night Serpent Destruction, Chaos, Divination CN Serpents Tongue Scalykind, Prophecy, Destruction
Toldoth Spirit, Death, Terror NE Spirit Strike Spirit Relm, Souls, Spirits
The Source Creation, Knowledge, Metal LN True Shot (Musket) Technology

Greater Gods:

Name Domains Align Favored Weapon Portfolios
Vanya Healing, Good NG Staff Good, Healing, Fertility
Braxxus Evil, Destruction CE Battle Axe Evil, Destruction
Dranis Unknown CN Claws, Longsword Dragonkind
Morvinos Death, TN Scythe Death, Peaceful rest
Ji’alla Magic N Undecided Magic, Fae

Intermediate Gods:

Name Domains Align Favored Weapon Portfolios
Pyrotess ?? N Wind Fire Wheels Fire, Felines, Summer
Gilanth ?? N War hammer The Earth, Craftsmanship, spring
Kathan ?? N Star Knife The Sea, Aquarians, Winter
Baranoth ?? N Spear The Sky, Avian, Fall
Telexia ?? TN Quarterstaff Nature, Animals, Druids
Celestia ?? NG Composite shortbow Music, Art, Beauty
Dimitrios ?? CN Great Sword War, Honor, Strength
Loknoth ?? LE Flamberge Tyranny, Oppression, Slavery
Naraka ?? NE Pole Sword Giant Kin, Hatred, Power

Lesser Gods:

Name Domains Align Favored Weapon Portfolios
Jackel ?? TC Stiletto Trickery, Games, Luck
Hara ?? CN War Fork Storms, Vengeance
Bolara ?? CE Nightling Cleaver Nightlings, Deep Forests
Enkai ?? CN ?? Sun, Moon
Mazakarr ?? CG Scimitar God of the moonless night
Ji’regan ?? NE ?? Magic


Name Align Favored Weapon Title
Death LN Scythe Scythe of Morvinous
Kalliope CG Long Sword Muse of Epic Poetry
Polymnia NG Ring Blades Muse of Sacred Music
Ephinius NE Double-bladed Sword Corrupter of the Pure
The Jester TC Cards The Insane, The Balancer
Gygas ?? Greatsword The Blade
Sage NG Unknown The Oracle
Slaughter CE Any Lord of Murder
Del’Torveen LN Short Sword Lord of Commerce

Spirits, Demons, Devils and Angels

Name Align Title Classification
Y’llan NE The Dark Mother Devil
Brynja ?? Daughter of Gygas Immortal
Nossra ?? Daughter of Gygas Immortal


Astronomy: Stars
System Organization: Heliocentric, one sun
Moons: 2?
1: Blue-White
2: White
?: Black: Some beleive that there is a third celestial body which moves through the skies of Irallis only on nights when the other two moons are in there dimmest. This third moon is sometimes called Mazzakar and it’s raise is a holy day among the followers of Mazzakar.

The Source
The Source is not a god so much as an Idea. The Source has no clerics, no churches, but is prayed to by followers on a daily basis. There is no proof or disproof of a divine being granting to it’s followers Idea’s and a slightly different brand of technology based magic, but beleif continues unabaded.
The Source and the Soladon : A curious connection has sprung to life in recent years between the mechanical intelligence, The Soladon, and the Divine Being, or Ideal, The Source. Though to anyones knowledge, the Soladon have had no contact with those who follow The Source, they have simutaniously begun to worship a being which they call The Source. They beleive that The Source is a divine being who granted their people intelligence and free will. With the adoption of worship of The Source by the Soladon of Ki’shon, this divine being, or Ideal, has had a great increase in following and a possible coincidence, or not, in the past fifty years, about the number since the Soladon adopted The Source as their state religeon, the number of technological advancements made by the people of Irallis, especialy those praying to The Source, has more then quadrupled.


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