The Empire of Ioshin is a medium sized imperialist country in the east of Vishal. The country occupies the cool wet forests and plains between the eastern ocean and the ? Mountains. The eastern slope of the ? Mountains gently lowers in altitude towards the coastline, half of the country resides on these slopes.

The Empire of Ioshin was founded sometime around 1,000 years ago when the people of the Ioshin region were continually at war with the people of the Yoshin region. A great King near the northern border, always battling the people who would soon become the Yoshin, began combining forces with the other kings of the northern border. As more and more Kings come under his battle-field command, Ichi exerted more organized pressure on the borders, essentially forcing the northern people to begin falling in under one ruler, General Yoshi. For years the forces of Ichi and Yoshi clashed along the border, until the two men met to call a stop to the endless war, for which none could clearly remember the reason. Ishi and Yoshi succeeded in negotiating a truce and a tenative peace fell upon the border lands.

After the fighting with the Yoshin forces were over, Ichi chose not to give up the command of troops of the northern kings, instead, by divine right he claimed, Ichi began conquering the northern lords with their own troops, now loyal to him and believing of his supposed divine right. When the northern kingdoms fell, Ichi placed ministers in the new provinces and began moving south taking each kingdom as a new province, unification of the region would not come for another fifteen years. Ichi’s first son, Ichi II, inherited the empire only a few years later, his fathers belief in his lineage’s divinity flowed down through generations to come.

The Giant War:
During the giant war, Ioshin was not near the front line of many battles, except where the Kin crossed the ? mountains on the northern face while moving through Yoshin. The lack of need to fight kept Ioshin out of the war for the first five years, until Yoshins western borders had been pushed back to their own northern border, that was the time that Ioshin finally joined the war. Troops were sent across the mountains into Yoshin and the Wood Elves lands, more to keep the Kin from attacking them directly. By the time they officially joined the war, small regiments of skilled mountain fighters had already been clashing with Kin groups traveling across or down the ? Mountains. Troops sent from the southern provinces lent assistance in the high elven effort, helping to regain some territory which they had already lost.

By the time the giant war ended, the Ioshin losses were just over a thousand, mostly lost in the northern Yoshin lands. Ioshin pulled it’s northern troops back to the borders, fortifying the border along Yoshin and along the mountains. Their southern forces stayed in the High Elven lands for a few more years before being allowed to return to their home provinces.

Ten years after the end of the war, a civil war erupted between the north and south. The southern provinces, led by the generals who had commanded their troops in the High Elven defense, rose up and succeeded from the empire. The claims of Independence, due to tax and over extensions of the southern armies, did not go over well with the emperor and the northern armies were sent in to quell the upraising. Using the knowledge of tactics learned from the High Elves, the generals of the south fought against the imperial armies. For three years the armies clashed with no end in sight, devastation on both sides was great and neither side would let up.

Early in the fourth year, two High Elven armies moved into the path between the Ioshin Imperial armies and the Southern armies. The Emperor had sent a request to the High Elves asking them to speak with the southern leaders and convince them to cease fighting, while unknown to them the southern leaders had sent to the High Elves asking for assistance in negotiating peace with the imperial palace. Daunted by the presence of the High Elven armies, the Emperor agreed to negotiate. Negotiations lasted for two years, in the end the Empire agreed to recognize the southern provinces as an independent country in return for the return of imperial property (some arms, horses, ships, etc), free passage to those who wished to remain loyal to Ioshin and a twenty mile dead-zone between north and south.

“Never before have I seen such a quick resolution to negotiations, the Humans of the east are skilled at making decisions,... or they do not think far enough towards their future.” Joraan Melspith, High Elven negotiator.

With the loss of the southern provinces. Ioshin began working to expand their empire, claiming more of the ? mountains and readying to invade the failing Yoshin Kingdom. When their forces had prepared for the invasion, the Emperor learned that Yosin planned to leave Vishal by way of ship and would leave their land empty. Within the year, Ioshin scouts reported empty villages along their border with Yoshin and the imperial armies moved in to capture them. As the Yoshin pulled out of Vishal, Ioshin took their abandoned cities from the south while the Kin raiders took those to the west, finally meeting during the evacuation on the capital. Ioshin’s armies clashed with the Kin and shortly after, took the capital of Yoshin and the surrounding lands. The emperor ordered his armies to fortify the western frontier of Yoshin province and hold it against the Kin. To the current day, Yoshin province has remained a holding of Ioshin, being resettled by Ioshin people, and the western border has remained a dangerous area. The emperor finally declaired the western half of Yoshin province a loss and ordered a wall erected along the west and northern borders to protect against outside threats. The wall has been in progress of building since then and has already proven to be a deterrent against the Kin raiders.


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