The Horse Clans, people of the north eastern plains. The people of the horse clans are a hearty folk, much less social and technologically advanced then other civilizations. What they lack in advancement, they make up for in their connection with the earth and nature. These people have an uncanny connection to animals and have always been drawn to the horses which inhabit the plains.

The horse clans are considered quite barbaric by the people of Ioshin and Ki Rahn, and to a lesser extent, the people of Yoshin, though everyone can recognize the superior quality of a clan horse. The people of the region are strong, primarily hunters and gatherers, the clans have recently begun farming near their main communities.

While most clans still build frame and hide yerts, a few clans have built strong wooden fortresses in defensive locations. It is not uncommon for every man between six and sixty to wear a weapon at all times as attacks by creatures or raiders is a common occurance. The people begin learning the way of the horse while they are young and typically spend more time in the saddle then on their own feet.

The Giant War:

When the Kin armies invaded Yoshin around 1848, they also began occupying the western forest regions of Clan land. In 1850, a handfull of minor clans in the western region came together, combining their forces into a small but mobile army. Over the next few years they engaged the Kin army, but by 1854 the minor clans of the western regions were wiped out.
In 1858, after years of trying, Warlord Daelik Morrash took control of several minor clans in the central plains and combined their forces with his. The Marrash army swept west and south driving the giant-kin armies out of clan territory, and into Yoshin. The Morrash army eventualy found allies with the other major clans and together they fought the Kin armies until the last Kin army was scattered in 1867.

The crusade of the giant-kin against the Clans ended with the southern and western plains occupied and many tribes dead. The war is considered over in most other kingdoms, but here it is a part of daily life. Small clashes of clan and Kin forces occur on a weekly basis as the people of the clans continue working to rid their land of the giant-kin. It is a common belief that from the borders of the old Yoshin kingdom to the forests of the Quiet Kingdom is Clan land, much of which the giant-kin have occupied temporarily.

Clans of the Plains:
Morrash: A central plains clan which is best known for Daelik Morrash, a warloard who incorporated most of the minor central plains clans with Morrash and honed them into a powerful army. The Morrash are also known as the clan with both the largest territory, thanks to the incorporation of the minor clans, and the largest city.
Oolitoth: The Oolitoth occupy the northern forests of the region and are a strongly spiritual people. In recent years they have grown more distant from the other tribes as they have become more reclusive, fighting the giant-kin at every turn. There are rumors that the Oolitoth have been using spirits to help them fight against the giant-kin invaders. There are also rumors that the Oolitoth have been lured to the dark ways by the master of undeath, Patholic. Oolitoth tend to laugh at these rumors but they never deny it.


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