History and timeline

Calandars: DC, Dwarven Calander; NW, Naraka’s Worship (giant kin); ER, Elven Remembrance; Vn, Human Calandar (created post dragon war); Pre-Dragon war human calanders are non uniform and specific to their individual kingdoms. Vishin, Vn is now used for post dragon war and BVn, Before Vishin, is used to mark time before the war.
Year 0DC
Creation of the World. Gilanth crafts the world, creating landmass, Kathan fills the oceans, seas and rivers with water. Baranoth gives the world air and weather, Pyrotess provides warmth and Telexia creates life. The first of dwarf kind are created by Gilanth to help him forge the world, they remain when the task is complete to further assist the earth god when needed. Vanya creates the planes of ascension for the gods and their celestial servants. Braxxus, god of darkness creates the plans of dissension and invites the dark powers and their minions to Irallis.

Year 1,000DC; 0NW
Irallis flourishes, plants and animals fill the vast lands. Braxxus’ servant Naraka captures and deforms many of Gilanth’s dwarfs, creating a race of powerful giants to do as she commands. Ruthless and strong, the giants take hold in the heart of Vishal and Narrana, taking from the dwarfs. With powerful giants wreaking havoc on Irallis, Vanya calls for help and is answered by Dranis, who brings to the world a magnificent and ancient race to subdue the giants, Dragons.

Year 1,500DC; 500NW
The Dragons prove to be a powerful adversary of the Giants and nearly destroy them before they are told to stop. Dranis orders his dragons to stand down and rest until they are needed once more. Many take up position on Vishal and Narrana, many more travel to Draan. Others however, travel to Ki’Shon complaining of hearing dark whispers from afar and disappear from the eyes of their lord.

Year 5,500DC; 4,500NW; 0ER
Drawn to the world by it’s untapped magic, Elves settle across Irallis. The Elves establish many kingdoms across Irallis which, over the next thousand years, become the five great Elven races of the world: Draeoric, High, Wood, Grey and Draconic. With the appearance of the Elves, many darker creatures begin appearing across the world and establishing their territories. Once such race were an offspring of giants created by Naraka, believed to be of elven origins the Orcs grew quickly with anger and ferocity in their blood.

Year 6,500DC; 5,500NW; 1,000ER
The birth of two races, one, the goblins, created by Naraka, believed to be of gnomish origins, and the second, Hobgoblins, an unexpected variation of giantkin began growing in Ki’shon on the Isle of Dajin.

Year 8,000DC; 7,000NW; 2,500ER; 1980BVn
The first humans began appearing throughout Irallis, created by Vanya. The humans were a young, energetic and varied race, created to offset the ferocious orcs and goblins. The humans proved to be the perfect balance of power in Irallis, some good, some evil, but all following their own path as an individual.

120BVn – Armies are raised across the world and clash, the kings and emporers of the old kingdoms all vying for dominance of their continents.

70BVn – Only a few kingdoms remain on Narrana and Ki’shon, more buildup leading them into conflict to conqure the known world.

17BVn – With war raging, some discover it to be the coruption of Braxxus and begin trying to stop the dark god, in vain. The world is pulled into dissension and feinds begin leaking into the world, mixing into the great armies to drive the fighting.

7BVn – Champions are summoned and seek the weapons created by the Elemental gods at the dawn of creation. Sensing the involvment of the Elemental gods, Braxxus influences great armies to travel to Vishal to take the land of the gods.

3BVn – The Champions find the final weapon four years later, but with armies attacking Vishal from all sides they cannot reach the temple of life in it’s center. The Champions travel to Draan to seek help from the ancient protectors of Irallis.

2BVn – The Dragons awake and begin fighting the armies influenced by Braxxus, the death and devistation is worse then their war with the giants.

1BVn – In spring the Champions reach the temple of life in Vishal and complete the final step towards defeting Braxxus. They are sent to easten Narrana where the Avatar of Braxxus comands a vast army against the draconic onslaught. While the Champions fight his Avatar, Vanya and other good gods battle Braxxus and his supporters in the godly relms, many perish. As his avatar is destroied and his godly form beaten, Braxxus lets loose a great explosion, ripping eastern Narrana asunder, the remaining champions are whisked to safty by the dragons they faught with.

0Vn to 900Vn – The world enters into a long dark age, with the world sundered, the great kingdoms reduced to rubble and even gods missing. The Dragons once more retreat to Draan to sleep and those Champions who remained returned to their homes, if they still remained. A calander apears, lunar in design, and seems to quickly spread across the world, scholers beleive it to be a gift from Enkai. New kingdoms, refered to as the middle kingdoms, raise and fall durring the next millenium.

960’s Vn – The Tallaran Arrive from their dying world.

990’s Vn – The Siarrans arrive from unknown wanderings. 1600Vn – The Silver Ones Arrive on Vishal.

1848Vn – Braxxus rears his influense once again and pushes the Giants and their Kin to make war. War engulfs Vishal and parts of Narrana and Ki’shon.

1865Vn – With Braxxus now controlling large armies of giants, the Elemental gods call for champions again.

1869Vn – Within four years, the Champions find all the weapons and, aided by armies of the local kingdoms, launch an assault upon the Kin held central lands of Vishal. The Champions reach the temple of Life and complete their task, doing battle with the essance of Braxxus and winning, but only just.
1872Vn – With Braxxus’ influence gone, the Kin are finaly defeated and the Giant war ends.

1903Vn – The current Year.


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