h1=. Welcome to Irallis

Irallis is an expansive world with many campaigns running, canceled or completed. World information as well as individual campaign information will be included.

Still working on updating a lot of stuff to Pathfinder, so the classes and races are not in their finished states, they are however, not changing much.


3/13/2009 – Many of the countries and Kingdoms in Vishal have been updated, I will continue working on these before moving on to Ki’shon. I’ll add more detailed update logs as I from here on since Obsidian Portal only tells you when I create a new page, not when an existing one is updated.
3/14/2009 – Updated the Ioshin empire page. (not the best background, but it gets the point across)
3/14/2009 – Also updated Roshinka. Not alot to say for a 14 year old country, but I did what I could.
3/25/2009 – Updated the History page, still working on making it flow better, the important stuff is the Vishan calander info, it gives a guide to the dragon war up to the current year. I decided to use the Dragon war as the begining of the calander for easier readability.
4/9/2009 – Updated information for Yoshin.
4/22/2009 – Updated the Wolven City-state
4/22/2009 – Updated the Fae Kingdom
10/13/2009 – Updated the E’shay – High Elves and the Vandi – Wood Elves. Also, elves are now Known as the Ethor’shay (high), Dra’shay (Draoric) and Van’shay (Wood). Wild and grey to come.
10/15/2009 – Updated the Horse Clans
10/20/2009 – The Quiet Kingdom has been updated, history is a bit shaky, but not to bad.
2/2010 – Information added about the members of the Carthan Federation


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